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$4 each + shipping
These 1.75" Pinch Clips are perfect for girls of any age. They have a grippy strip added so they will stay in fine hair.

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Autumn Flowers - SOLD OUT

Blue & Brown Posy

Brown & Hot Pink Flowers

Fancy Bow Blue
Blue & Yellow - SOLD OUT

Fall Flowers - SOLD OUT

Brown Stripes Pink Pearls - SOLD OUT

Brown Stripes Bow - SOLD OUT

Pink & Brown Bow

Camo & White

Camo Bow

Pinkey Posy - SOLD OUT

Retro Flowers Orange- SOLD OUT

Retro Flowers Pink - SOLD OUT

Go Beavs

Go Ducks

Button Bow Green

Button Bow Green/Pink

Button Bow Flowers

Hearts & Pink


Simple Polka

Polka & Bown

Pastel Stripe & Pink

Pastel Stripe & Purple

Pink Checks Pearls - SOLD OUT

Pink Checks - SOLD OUT

Pink Checks - SOLD OUT

Pink Squares - SOLD OUT
MultiStripe Bow - SOLD OUT
Fancy Bow Pink Pretty Purple
Red & White Christmasy - SOLD OUT

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